Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Hey yole!

Ahm bayick frome mah seeyick leave! And ahm feeling saissy.

Wail, ah haive a new supervahsor. THAYIT SUCKS. Ahm ploatting a way to get heeyim eeyin trowble. Ahm thinking owf theeyis: mah plahyin eeyis to note do anything, wheeyich weeyill reflect poworly own heeyim. LOL Ahm a genius!

Eeyin a meeting this moarning ah toald mah new supervahsor--heeyis nayim eeyis Rone--that ah expected to git fahred soon.

He sayid, "That's not a very good attitude."

I sayid it agane for mowore emphasis. "Ahll probably be fahred soon," ah said. "Ahd probably mayik mowore moeney own unemployment."

He sayid, "You're probably right."

Ahm hoping thayit he catches mah dreeyift and fahres me. Kin you git unemployment eeyif you quiyit your jobe? Ah remember an episode of Alice whar Alice quits own awl the waittresses' behayif and Flo was peeyissed! Know what she sayid? Kiss mah greeyits!


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