Friday, September 09, 2005

Ah Knoaw Yew Were Woaried.

Ah am soaw sorey ah haven't poasted tew let yawl knoaw ahm oakay!

Ahm sure yew were awl worried that ahd been swept away eeyin the stoworm. Noaw, ah wasn't swept away, but ah have suffered daymage. Wone, some of mah famely eeyis stayin with me. Two, mah car was slightly dented bah a tree limb! Peeyity me! Send me yer Red Crose donations! Ah promise ah will seying them tew the raht place.

Ever since the stoworm, ah have bin eeyin a really bade mood. AH MEAN REALLY BADE. At work, ah have decided thayit ah suffered tew much daymage tew work and have been seeyiting and starring at mah computer screen.

When mah supervahsor asks me whah ah haven't completed theeyis totally bollsheeyit task she gave me, ah tale her eeyit'll be doan today. Then ah goaw baik to starring at mah screen. Then ah sah loudly and cawl mah moam and tell her about mah latest treeyip to the bathe room.

Also, the girl that ah hate gote me eeyin trouble. Sure, ah was messing with her woark and writing own eeyit as eeyif ah aim her supervahsor, but thayt was no reason to tale own me.

Ah weeyish she gote hurricained.


Blogger gorjus said...

Dee El! Don't be so mean about that girl you hate!

9:21 AM  

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