Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Mah Loang Toang!

Ah loave a stayiff meeting. Yew knoaw whah?

Becawse everywone loaves me! And they loave listening toaw me tawk! So ah just tawk tawk tawk and the reason noaw wone laughs is that they caint becawse we are eeyin a meeting.

Toaday ah knoacked mahself out with mah antics. Ah pretended to keeyick mah bose's chayir and when the meeting speaker man sayid something about poe-wer customer service, ah pointed to the back of her haid.

Also, becaws ah am a genius, ah kept muttering funny theeyings about mah woarkplace! Lahk "theeyis place sucks" and "we ain't goat no customer service here" and stuff. Ah am conefident that mah supervisor couldn't hair me, even though she turned around and gave me a look a cople tahms.

At the beginning oaf the meeting, ah sayid something soaw funny that ah haid to stick mah toang out eeyin delaht! Mah toang eeyis very raid and loang. Ah naiver noticed how loang eeyit was befower today. Ahm goan to enter a loang toang cone-test! Ah bet ahd weeyin!


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