Friday, August 12, 2005


Ahm havin a nervous brayikdayoon!

Ah have soaw much work tew dew! An ah am seriously reconsiderin mah whoale plote to get reed of mah bose. Ah have doan a terrible thing.

Befower, ah had awl the tahm eeyin the world to read ownlahn about mah diseases an play mah ownlahn gayims. But noaw, mah new supervahsor makes me woark!

And the wurst part eeyis thayat she keeps correcting me when ah fuck up! Which eeyis every day! Yesterday ah gote cawled eeyin tew her oh-fis TWAHCE for messing stuff up. Thiyis moarnin she has already been own me. Ah hate theeyis place!

But ah am looking for anoather jobe. Ah keep cawling places, an ah doan't qualifah foar the jobes. Then I hang up, cawl mah moam, and complain that thoase places are racist becaws they doan't wont me. Ah noaw eeyif ah was a different coeler ah wouldn't have theeyis probelem. The world eeyis out to git me. First, ah gote awl mah diseases, and noaw ah have to woark hard instead of sitting own mah behind awl day. It's NOTE FAIR.


Blogger jaysus said...

stay strong, girlfriend. why'd you name this post 'brigadoon?'

9:57 AM  
Anonymous J. Bubba said...

I see a sick day or 3 in the DL's immediate future.

11:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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1:17 AM  

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